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  • Greyhound Adoption

    Greyhound Adoption

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    The Southeastern Greyhound Club (SEGC) was founded in 1992 by a group of owners of AKC-registered Greyhounds bred for the show ring. Beginning in 1995, the Club grew tremendously when membership was opened to owners of former racing Greyhounds. Today, the SEGC has over 200 member households and over 350 individual members, most of whom are adopters of former racers. The Club was featured in the September 1998 AKC Gazette, the monthly magazine of the American Kennel Club.
  • Oktibbeha County Humane Sociey

    Oktibbeha County Humane Sociey

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    The purpose of the Humane Society is the prevention of cruelty to domestic animals, the relief of suffering among domestic animals, and the extension of humane education. Our goal of humane education will focus on Oktibbeha County, and surrounding areas. We offer a humane education program to promote compassion for animals and awareness of issues such as sprain and neutering to be presented to local schools, civic organizations, businesses, and other organizations. You may surrender or adopt animals here.