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Generation Free « Mississippi Community Resource Directory

Generation Free

youth led movement against tobacco

Generation Free

Full Description

Generation FREE is Mississippi’s youth-led movement against Big Tobacco fueled by teens across the state that lets young people know that they are FREE to be whoever they want to be! Even the millions of dollars spent by Big Tobacco every year in the state of Mississippi (over $185 million the last time we checked!) aren’t enough to stop teens like you. You’re going to display your FREEdom from the manipulation and masquerades of an industry that kills more than 400,000 people in the United States annually. It’s just how you roll.

Since you’re checking out our website, there’s a good chance that you’ve got what it takes to be an integral part of the Generation FREE movement! You can start a FREE team, join a FREE team, or be a FREE team of one. Send a text, design a T-shirt, dream up something on your own. Just make an impact in any way that you want!

Plus Generation FREE gives YOU the opportunity to:

  • Express your individuality…
  • Voice your opinion…
  • Communicate with your peers and others…
  • Make a difference…
  • Get FREE gear…
  • And have fun doing it!!!

Ready to start now? Go to our Fight Back page to check out some of our cool mobile and web activities.

Got questions? Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page or send an e-

Counties Served

  1. StateWide
  2. Adams
  3. Alcorn
  4. Amite
  5. Attala
  6. Benton
  7. Bolivar
  8. Calhoun
  9. Carroll
  10. Chickasaw
  11. Choctaw
  12. Claiborne
  13. Clarke
  14. Clay
  15. Coahoma
  16. Copiah
  17. Covington
  18. DeSoto
  19. Forrest
  20. Franklin
  21. George
  22. Greene
  23. Grenada
  24. Hancock
  25. Harrison
  26. Hinds
  27. Holmes
  28. Humphreys
  29. Issaquena
  30. Itawamba
  31. Jackson
  32. Jasper
  33. Jefferson
  34. Jefferson Davis
  35. Jones
  36. Kemper
  37. Lafayette
  38. Lamar
  39. Lauderdale
  40. Lawrence
  41. Leake
  42. Lee
  43. Leflore
  44. Lincoln
  45. Lowndes
  46. Madison
  47. Marion
  48. Marshall
  49. Monroe
  50. Montgomery
  51. Neshoba
  52. Newton
  53. Noxubee
  54. Oktibbeha
  55. Panola
  56. Pearl River
  57. Perry
  58. Pike
  59. Pontotoc
  60. Prentiss
  61. Quitman
  62. Rankin
  63. Scott
  64. Sharkey
  65. Simpson
  66. Smith
  67. Stone
  68. Sunflower
  69. Tallahatchie
  70. Tate
  71. Tippah
  72. Tishomingo
  73. Tunica
  74. Union
  75. Walthall
  76. Warren
  77. Washington
  78. Wayne
  79. Webster
  80. Wilkinson
  81. Winston
  82. Yalobusha
  83. Yazoo



Fee for Service

  1. Free
  2. Payment Required

Ages Served

  1. 0-5
  2. 6-12
  3. 13-18
  4. Adult
  5. Senior